However you want to promote your business, we can print your brand and message on most things! From pens to water bottles, t-shirts to mugs – the list is limitless on the items which you can purchase to promote your product.

Promotional items are great for large events such as events or exhibitions or you may be looking for more specialist items which you can give out to staff or clients.

As with all of our printing services, Tiger Ink not only provide a competitive quote for you but we can also recommend and provide ideas if you are looking for something different.

The range of items available is so wide ranging, we have developed a specific website just for promotional items so please visit our promotional product site here or simply call us to discuss your requirements.

Tigers are one of the most popular animals to be used on flags, coats of arms or as mascots for sporting teams. We don’t suggest you have a Tiger printed on all of your promotional items, but Tiger Ink do carry an extensive line in pens, mugs and other items which you can print your brand on – with or without a Tiger!