If you walk into any office, the chances are that you will see a wallplanner on at least one of the walls. Ranging from A3 to A0 in size, wallplanners are an integral part of office life to plan staff holidays, accounting and payroll dates or planning major events.

The design of wallplanners are very flexible, incorporating a whole year, specific months or detailing a particular timeframe. Due to their bespoke design – which Tiger Ink is experienced in producing – the dates can begin at any time so are popular for academic years or can include major events such as major sporting events.

Wallplanners are an ideal item in which to include your company branding and contact details and are a cost effective print item in which to use as a promotional product, mailshot or internal communication tool.

If you want to get your company onto your customer’s office walls, contact Tiger Ink to discuss how a wallplanner can help your brand marketing.

The Tiger is the 3rd animal in the Chinese lunar calendar and people born in the year of the Tiger are believed to be strong and stable. All of Tiger Ink’s wallplanners are printed on quality paper and remain strong and stable for use throughout the year.