Great artwork and creative design is at the beginning of any print job. If you don’t have your own artwork or require help with graphic design, Tiger Ink can not only produce artwork in-house, but we also work with a number of experienced designers.

Whether you need a simple business card layout, a company brochure designed and laid-out or you need a whole promotional campaign designed around your product, we know the right designer for your requirement. As we have worked with our network of designers before, we also know that they will produce quality artwork, not just for you, but also print ready to ensure that the print process runs smoothly.

If you already have a designer in mind, or style guidelines to work to, Tiger Ink also has the experience and skills to deal with the most demanding creative style-guidelines saving you time and giving you peace of mind that all of the technical requirements are tied up.


No two tigers have the same patterned stripes, they are as unique as a human fingerprint. As with all print projects, no two are the same but Tiger Ink has the experience to deal with each project’s own unique objectives and goals.